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People + Books = Good Stuff


Do you have books you're ready to part with?

Are they all over the place?

Are they still earning their keep in nostalgia? All of them?

Here are your Top 3 choices as I see it:

1) I pick them up. Take them away. Make a cash donation to a local nonprofit;

2) You pack and load them in your car, maybe hurt your back, drive them to a thrift store and toss them into an bin on a dirty sidewalk;

3) The books continue to take up space in your place and do nobody any good for how long? Seriously. Forever? 

If you're interested in #1, read on to see How It Works.


How It Works

  1. Use the form at the bottom of this page to let me know you have books. We schedule a time for pick up.

  2. I pick up the books. I buy some of them and pay with a donation to Martha's Table or another area non-profit.

  3. I donate the remaining books.

So far I've paid out over $5000 for donations, mostly to Martha's Table in Washington, DC.



How much will you donate for my books? 

On average, I will donate $2-12 for each book I keep. On average, that will apply to around 5-10% of books I pick up from any source. It depends on what you have. Could be more. Could be less.

What kinds of books are you looking for?

In terms of genre, it could be anything. Within each genre there is a small percentage of books I’m interested in buying. In the last four years I’ve purchased over 20,000 books and passed on hundreds of thousands. 

How does the pickup work?

I'll pick up the books wherever they are, whenever you want. Contactless pick up from a porch or apartment lobby was the norm during the pandemic. That still works. I can also bring crates and pack them up inside. I can drop off crates for you to pack and me to pick up later. It’s up to you.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of books you’ll accept?

No job too large or small. And no books will be turned away. I understand that just getting them out of the house is the real benefit for most people.

In what area will you pick up books?

Anything inside the Beltway definitely works. I’ll pick up outside the Beltway on a case by case basis.

Can I use Pete's Reads as a fundraiser for another organization?

Yes. I can help you organize a book drive with a PTA or other non-profit organization.

Another Idea: In one case a large condo building held a book exchange in the common room. I picked up what was left. 

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About Peter Gwynn


When he's not buying and selling books, he manages real estate and plays drums in the basement. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, he now lives in Washington DC with his wife, two teens, a wonderful dog, and a pretty OK cat.

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